Pneumatic Automatic Tape Cutting Devices For Fd62 4 Needle 6 Thread Flat Seamer Sewing Machines

The cutting device of 4-needle 6-thread sewing machine is easy to install, the blade is installed, and Dawnsing provides block gauges for positioning. Various types of electronically controlled motors (including clutch motors) equipped with 4-needle 6-thread sewing machines of various brands on the market can be adapted. Compatible models: YAMATO FD62, PEGASUS FS701P, SINGRAY FW740, etc.

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4-needle 6-thread flatseamer sewing machine cutter device: After the 4-needle 6-thread sewing of the fabric is completed, turn the hand wheel of the sewing machine, the needle stops at the high point, step on the foot pedal to raise the presser foot, pull the fabric forward and pull the fabric to turn around so that the thread ends on the fabric are in a butterfly shape. Cutting on the blade makes the whole process inefficient, and the process of pulling the fabric and cutting the thread on the butterfly blade also causes the fabric to wrinkle seriously. Install Dawnsing’s 4-needle 6-thread sewing machine cutter device, all these actions can be realized by the infrared sensor and the back step of the foot pedal, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the worker and the master, and there is no pulling, and the fabric is smooth and wrinkle-free. The front end of the machine table is installed with a knife seat, a protective cover is installed on the knife seat, the protective cover is provided with a cable head suction port, a fixed knife and a movable knife are installed between the protective cover and the knife seat, and the movable knife is connected with a power mechanism to drive its action. , the knife seat is connected with a suction pipe. The new type of automatic thread trimming device can be directly installed on the existing four-needle six-thread industrial sewing machine table, without making changes to the machine table, without hindering the operation, without damaging the structure and appearance of the original machine, which can improve work efficiency and Product quality, creating a clean working environment Air Cylinder brand for 4-needle 6-thread sewing machine cutter part configuration: AIRTAC, specification: ACQ25*10, solenoid valve model: 7V110-06; voltage: DC24V; power: 0.8W; current: 37.5mA; rated voltage: DC21.6V- 26.4V. Sensor brand: PANASONIC; Specification: CX-493.

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