Siruba Type VC008 Auto Thread Trimmer Devices For Multi Needle Sewing Machines

Utility model scissors, precision machining, sharp and durable, stable performance, reasonable design, no damage to the original machine looper structure, accurate cutting, fast speed, no blocking, saving thread, about one thread per day can be saved, and equipment downtime can be shortened , reduce the labor intensity of workers, provide a work efficiency of about 15%, and recover the cost in about 4-6 months.

Products Details

Multi-needle machine series automatic thread trimmer device: After the traditional multi-needle machine is finished sewing, the hand wheel of the sewing machine needs to be manually stopped, the needle is stopped at a high point, the foot pedal is raised to raise the presser foot, the hand is pulling the fabric forward, and the needle thread and bottom thread of the machine are cut one by one with scissors. The whole operation is efficient. Very low, making the operating sewing workers restless, and the pulling process also caused the fabric to wrinkle. Using Dawnsing automatic thread trimming device for multi-needle machines, these can be completed automatically with the back pedal action of one pedal. The worker saves time and effort, and is very comfortable.The automatic thread trimmer of the multi-needle machine series has 12 to 13 needles, the needle position within 4.8 of the needle distance, and the corresponding blade can be freely increased, decreased and shifted. The tightness of the lower thread clamping after thread trimming can be adjusted. It can be adapted to SIRUBA VC008, YAMATO VM1806, KANSAI KS4413, KINGTEX MT4513P, etc. The air Cylinder specification of automatic thread trimming device for multi-needle machine series: CM2B25*30-U, cylinder specification of thread release part: SDA16*25KX, cylinder specification of thread release part: CJ2KB10*30-Z , Solenoid valve model: 7V110-06; Voltage: DC24V; Power: 0.8W; Current: 37.5mA; Rated voltage: DC21.6V-26.4V

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